& the 2nd rule is i'm not allowed to talk about it

& the 3rd rule is...

27 October 1985
name heidi jean bean.

location cape cod, massachusetts.

age twenty-one.br>
d.o.b october 27, 1985.

sexual preference patrick tottenham.

piercings ears: 10 regularish size. and two 2g.

tattoos one.

job days inn consierge.

school college someday.

favorite band phantom planet.

favorite movie fight club.

favorite show popular & lost.

favorite food sandwiches.

favorite drink wine.

favorite color black & white.

aim screen name: xo know it all

I complain alot and I'm always in a bad mood. I have no friends. I love to read. And I see alot of movies, I love Phantom Planet, and believe that Fight Club is life.